Creation history of the bio-energetic stones
Fibromyalgia, polymialgia and many more diseases which are related to the nervous system cause immense suffering for people who deal with these conditions.

The conventional medicine does not give as yet a solution, apart from temporary relief of the symptoms by prescribing psychiatric medications, which after a while take a toll on the condition and make the treatment even harder. Also, because there is no medical examination which can diagnose these illnesses, and there is no scientific explanation or evidence of physiological changes, many doctors suggest that these are psychosomatic illnesses, whilst many more doctors believe that Fibromyalgia is a disease of the nervous system, which effects the electrical signal flow in the neural network in the brain and the rest of the body, and we also agree with that.

We are challenging the classic medicine and found a sustainable solution for Fibromyalgia, where no medication, operation or any invasive treatment is involved. Our treatment is derived from nature, so it will not cause any harm. It is also exclusive worldwide, and unique as described by our patients.

Creation history of bioenergetic stones began in the early 2000’s when my wife, an educated doctor, wanted to obtain an additional education in China. We decided, that we must visit Tibet as well. Naturally, because of the language barrier and lack of knowledge about the area, we hired a local guide. He told us, that there is a monastery where monks live and they feed themselves with «prana», i.e. by divine energy. I am a physicist and naturally, I did not believe in all this nonsense, but my wife insisted that we should look at these people. We got into a monastery in one of the villages, there were two monks who sat in a cave at a sufficient height in the mountain. To get there, you need special skills and a very long rope. Per the stories of people from this village, they have been sitting there for more than two years without going down, and no one goes up there. During that month, as long we stayed there, they were constantly in sight and no one could supply them with food or groceries. While staying in the village, we constantly communicated with the monk of this monastery, who explained that using the power of thought, you can rebuild your b ody to be fed by divine energy only. My wife took a few lessons in healing as per Tibetan medicine, I was still trying to understand what kind of divine energy is it, that helps them so much. Well, honestly, I waited to see how those monks in the mountain would eat, or someone will give them food, but I did not see anything during the all month. They were sitting like motionless mummies and only stretched their hands for an hour during the mornings. So, after returning home, I decided to deal with the physics and biology of those unusual processes, that we observed in Tibet. To begin with, I wanted to understand by myself, what they meant by saying divine energy? And as it is not strange, I soon realized that this is what Nikola Tesla was talking about, that even a physical vacuum consists of the smallest particles, it is not the level of a molecule or an atom, or even an electron, this level is much less than about 10 in -20 degree. Today, with the help of the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, they proved their existence, for example, as was discovered the Higgs boson (or Higgs particle). All these particles carry electrical charges and are moving in space by the wave method. While exploring the scientific works of Vladimir Atsyukovsky and his theory of Ether dynamics, I realized that the ether consists of a different charged particles streams, which gives together an absolutely neutral medium, but differs in that the negatively charged particles have a counterclockwise spin and positively charged particles have a clockwise spin. As we well know from elementary physics, where a moving electric charge is present, the magnetic field always appears perpendicularly to the motion. Constantly, a stream of differently charged particles with a common neutral magnetic field arriving from the space. Now let's look at some biological processes in the human body. The human body lives and functioning, because of the received energy from consumption of food. Nutrients are split into short molecules, which releases energy when they combined with oxygen. Elementary portion of energy in the body is stored as an ATP molecule - Adenosine triphosphate - "molecular unit of currency", which gives back energy in the right place for the vital activity processes in life of a cell. During one day in a body of an adult human been, an equivalent of 40 kg of ATP is synthesized and disintegrates, although at any given moment the body contains of about 250 gr. of ATP, i.e. ATP does not accumulate and its continuous resynthesis is required to maintain the normal functioning of the organism (Donald Voet, and Judith G. Voet, Biochemistry 3rd edition, University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore College, USA, 1990). In normal cells, the burning of nutrient molecules and the formation of ATP occurs in complex organelles - mitochondria. Located in the cytoplasm of each cell, mitochondria are comparable to "batteries" that produce, store and distribute the necessary energy for the cell. Human been cells numbering approximately an average of 1500 mitochondria. They are especially numerous in cells with intensive metabolism (for example, in muscles or liver). Mitochondria use 80% oxygen which we breathe, to convert a potential energy into an energy used by the cell. This is a highly cost-effective process, that allows cells efficiently use nutrients by producing 36 ATP molecules from a single molecule of glucose. Especially I wanted to study the nerve cells and the processes of their functionality in the body. Here is the definition that gives us Wikipedia: Neuron - is a structural and functional unit of the nervous system. The neuron - is an electrically excitable cell that processes, stores and transmits information using electrical and chemical signals. The neuron has a complex structure and a narrow specialization. The cell contains the nucleus, the cell body and the appendages (dendrites and axons). In the human brain, there are an average of about 65 billion neurons. The Neurons can connect with one another, forming biological neural networks. The complexity and variety of the nervous system functions are determined by the interaction between the neurons. This interaction is a set of different signals transmitted between neurons or muscles and glands. The signals are emitted and propagated by ions. The ions are generating an electric charge (action potential), that moves along the neuron's body. For simplicity of understanding we can say that neural networks are many interwoven conductors (wires), that have connection points. I.e., if some connection has a conductivity violation, then health problems begin, since the necessary signals on the neural chain sent by the brain and back do not pass. After understanding all the above, I suggested that if you create a filter that can only pass through freely positively charged particles and to repel the negatively charge particles or simply delay, or reduce the speed rate of passage through the filter, then it is worth remembering Faraday's law. If to change the magnetic field in perpendicularly to the conductor, EMF (electromotive force) will appear in the conductor, i.e., moving charges. And as I already wrote earlier, we have particles bearing an electric charge and respectively, a magnetic field. That is how my stones appeared. I called them - bioenergetic. You ask: why bio? Because for us, the very cosmic (divine) radiation is a natural life background, we are born with it, live and die with it. They are present with us during all our life! I.e., these stones are absolutely safe for humans, since they are neutral in their essence. The stones are made from various kinds of ordinary natural clay, I found a method in which it freezes with a special crystal lattice and under a special temperature regime. But this is from the sphere of my secrets, which were born during many years of my studies and work. Let's summarize the aforesaid. Cosmic radiation passing through the stone causes on our neural connections additional very small electrical impulses, that coincide with the impulses that our brain sends to improve neuronal conduction and accordingly, normal neural connections are restored. I have seen on many occasions, how these stones cause swellings to depart, muscle spasms and many neurological diseases. Even healthy people feel a surge of energy, but it says that we are filling up the body with extra energy by stuffing the cells with positive ions, and the cell does not need to spend its ATP. By the strength of the impact on our body, this radiation passing through the stone is 10,000 times smaller than the radiation from any mobile phone. And it is natural for us, as it happens on the frequency of space or for believing people - God.

I should note, that the use for healing with these stones by simply placing them anywhere, does not give much success. Using the knowledge of my wife, in classical medicine, i.e., physiology and anatomy, as well as in Chinese and Tibetan medicine, we developed treatment regimens for many diseases. I.e., the distribution scheme of stones against the body during the treatment and their number. As one of the vivid examples, was the treatment of Fibromyalgia, since classical medicine except for the asymptomatic treatment cannot offer anything, we have developed a scheme for solving Fibromyalgia disease. After two or three sessions of our unique therapy, the disease recedes. Spasmodic muscle pains disappear throughout the body, a person begins to sleep at night 6-8 hours and wakes up rested, i.e., all the signs of the disease are disappearing. It is impossible to list all the diseases in which the use of this method of treatment is feasible. I will comment the following: my wife and myself will continue this research, I'm trying to refine and improve the technology of producing the bioenergetic stones even more. I thank everyone for your patience in reading this article. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell about this miracle in two sentences. I wish everyone a good health and longevity.

Sincerely yours, Eduard

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